Choral Al-Thawra

Choral Al-Thawra was established in 2015 and brings together young Palestinians musicians and singers who perform the songs of the Palestinian revolutionary from various periods and eras.
The project came about after a thorough and deep research process on the songs and occasion of their composition, as well as their poets and composers, who have historically contributed, through their artistic heritage history, to enrich the national music library, such as Hussein Nazek, Ali Kilani, Samih Shqeir, Walid Abdul Salam and others.

The group presented its first project in two parts. The first part "Nzlna 3al Shaware3" and the second "Al-Majd Lil Thawra", believing in the importance of reviving the role of Palestinian political music after a long absence, as well as evoke the preserved history of these songs and recall the commemorated stories and occasions.