Yalalan Group

Yalalan, a Palestinian group was established in 2005, by the efforts of a group of musician friends to preserve the Arabic musical heritage in style and content, and contribute to its transfer across generations, through young voices and authentic melodies and compositions about land, love and hope.

Yalalan has participated in numerous local and regional festivals over the past years. Significant accumulation of cognitive musical knowledge enabled the group to present its own unique artistic production of compositions and tunes inspired by a long journey of believing in the art’s ability to transcend barriers and reformulate concepts.

“El Khat Da Khati” is a joint musical work presented by “Yalalan” in partnership with the Egyptian band “Eskenderlla” in 2017. The cooperation bore the fruit of an album that brought together songs of the Arabic heritage and newly composed song by the two groups; thus, presenting a real model reflecting the prospects of uniting in a common goal and idea.