Walid Abdul Salam

Walid Abdul Salam is a Palestinian singer, actor, and director from the Palestinian Abu Shusheh village, located in Ramle, he was born in 1956. Abdul Salam got his BA in Theater studies from the Academy of Arts in Egypt, as well, he also learned music. Abdul Salam is known as the singer of Intifada for his songs and what they serve. They represent the stories of the Intifada and document the portrait of Palestinian daily life under occupation. He formed “Masar” band and composed more than 70 songs, sharing them with Palestinians and Arabs in a large number of festivals and national occasions. Abudl Salam presented to the music library songs that are still alive in its meanings and messages until this day such as; “Yoya”, “Nzelna a Shawarae”, and others in six albums.